Friday, August 12, 2011

Yupo abstract 002


Inspire Others said...

Hi Lorraina,
This is beautiful! this is pouring acrylics or digital arts? Love the colours and movement.
Have a wonderful day☺

Lorraina said...

Thanks MoMeMa. This piece was created on a synthetic paper called Yupo.
It's made of 100% polypropylene,comes in a pad of 10 sheets 9"x12" and has a smooth buttery finish, totally unlike reg. wc paper(i think it comes larger but this is what i usually buy to cut into 10 for atc's)Yupo is mostly used with water colours although acrylics can be used but wc is what gives the most amazing blending effects because it sort of has a mind of it's own. You can see lots of art created at youtube but my style is just nilly-willy abstract.I simply apply a colour quite wet and another colour close to it but not touching the other one for a few minutes until i'm ready to tip the paper this way and that to get it running into each other, with some help or not...It dries fairly quickly and if your brush touches the area that's still tacky it will remove the colour. Even after it's dry you can use water on a brush or a damp cloth to remove colour although i havent played with that aspect very much because it doesn't appeal to me at this point; i'm having too much fun watching what it does. Fingerprints will act as a resist but can be removed with a swipe of paper towel but i'm sure there's ways to use resists to advantage. I also used a little Loew-Cornell metallic acrylic on this piece and it blended in well with the wc by puddling it on and when it dries the metallics rise to the surface in wonderous ways. If you have trouble finding it send me your addy via email and i'll send you a couple pieces to play with. Be aware it's very addictive and so much fun the hours will zip by and you will be hooked!

Snowbrush said...

Ooh, I like this one, and I like Colleens Smoke a lot too--both of them.

I don't know that I ever visited this blog, so I thought I would drop over and see what it's about. I envy you artsy types.