Friday, April 30, 2010

Liquify filter on an old acrylic painting

I wanted to start off with something blue because its my fav. colour but was surprised to find that i don't have as many blue art pieces as i thought i did. Maybe i'm so aware of my preference for blue that i over correct and use any other colour.

I'm anxious to see if this blog is too busy on the sides, and if it should be changed to a plain colour so all the beautiful digital art that i'm planning to going to make can be better seen. Please give me your opinion.

Theres an "advanced" beginners online Photoshop class i'm thinking of taking but it dosn't begin for 6 wks and that seems like forever. Good grief, i don't even buy green bananas. I want a class that starts right now!
If i join and pay now maybe i'll already know tons of stuff by then but then i also fear that i could wait and then find out this class is too advanced for me.

I speak from experience of having taken too many classes in the past that turned out to be too advanced.
Once i took a Chinese cooking class and some Chinese women were also taking the class. It soon became apparent that they knew more about cooking than the teacher so the teacher changed her course and tried to rise to their level. But me; i didn't even learn how to make rice in that class.

Same thing with Taking and Editing your Videos....i was the only female in a class of well informed and highly knowledgeable men, some of whom appeared to be in the business. It was listed as a beginners class but the questions they asked and got answered were way out of my league. The ad said to bring your camera and vcr. I was the only one out of 14 who did, lugging it for blocks and then upstairs (well, this was way back when cameras and vcr's were huge and heavy) That teacher was not helpful to me at all but relished talking with the guys and as it turned out he said no sense in setting up my vcr being as how it would be the only one. Geeze.Thanx. Bye.

Variety Christmas Crafts class;  some women brought huge bags full of their crafts to show off and an hour was wasted in doing so.  They had created better and more stuff than the teachers bag of examples.And then not all of them came back the second night, when they would have to pay.

Then Laying Ceramic Tiles, more men, don't get me started....raku pottery, and ditto a water colours class when real pro artists showed up....
I have lots more examples and memories of how "beginners" turns out for me. I don't understand these people who will use these times and actually pay for the privilege to be able to show off what they already know. Or to just go the first night without paying and not appear again. Its a strange phenomenon i've not seen in other areas. 
Not to mention the teachers who change their class to accomodate the learned if they stay which left me in the dust as a true beginner. Many times i walked out after the first or second class and had my money refunded because of classes going this way.

Oops, sidetracked, now where was i.....ok, so, can i leave PS alone until mid June or should i continue to try to learn on my own, with occasional help from my grandson, online tutorials and books despite all the stress. Do i even have the patience to wait?  

I'm torn and its overwhelming to so badly want to learn but open the program and flounder around not knowing where or how to begin, where to look, what to do, how to anything but filters. Well, thats not true; i did figure out how to use the eraser a couple times and it's awesome fun because i found out you can erase and un-erase. And of course, maybe i'll learn a whole whack of stuff by tomorrow.

But at this time its become annoying and i'm tired of all the "beeps" i get when i'm finished,and want to save what i did or end it and leave. When you don't do things right Mr. PS says no,no, no, beep, beep, beeeeeep!

Everything i click on beeps a refusal and it won't let you move on or leave like that. Not even to just get the hell out of there and get back onto the nice, safe and quiet non-bullying internet.  Obviously its some PS ploy to make people stay and work on it forever and never be seen again.

But realistically i know its got to be just one little step; something really simple that has to be done.
And then i also know there'll be a different problem just around the corner, although right now i feel that i can handle that once i get these beginners kinks worked out.

Sometimes i'm wayyy too determined to figure things out myself and one night i got really stubborn and stayed up half the night working at it, yawn..... 
I just couldn't figure out what to do to either save it, or chuck it, or to just exit. 
I still don't know cuz the next day that dam picture was still there and somehow, accidently i must have hit the right thing. Now i don't even wanna play anymore.

Bad Photoshop!!!!

stomping away in a huff now.........