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Russia 4 four

When i created this piece it felt like it needed a different treatment to finish it off.
I hit the plastic wrap button in Photoshop and immediately thought of Elena and her words
"on the day of the disaster many people gathered on the roof tops to see the staggering beauty of the shiny pink cloud over the atomic power plant"

Sadly those people had only hours to live after looking at that cloud.

Elena is the daughter of a physicist who worked at the power plant. The young Russian girl rides her motorcycle into Chernobyl, the city where the explosion happened in 1986.
She takes pictures and tells what she sees there.

Chernobyl is the most toxic place on earth and the radiation from the explosion will remain for 48,000 years.
The story and pictures are terrible and i don't think my art looks like it was the place i got my inspiration from.  Theres no intentional shiny pink cloud in my art but the plastic wrap finish reminded me of how earth is quickly being covered with plastic.

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Mystery woman

Shes a mystery woman because it must have been some kind of a feat getting herself into this strange predicament.
I don't know how or why it happened and probably couldn't repeat this happy little accident scenerio if i tried.
It's one of Photoshops great mysteries and the reason i love playing with it.

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La Reve du Jaguar

This is the 71st piece of art i've put in my art gallery and hallelujah, one that i really like. This is presently my top dog, numero uno top favourite. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The title comes from a verse in an english translated book of french verse. It means the jaguar's dream.

Some of the subject matter in this book is kind of rough. Sometimes i find something interesting.  Do you know what jaguars dream about?
This is a little bit of this jaguars dream:

Beneath the black mahogany trees the flowering creepers hang in the heavy, motionless air which is filled with flies; and, twining downwards among the tree stumps, they cradle the brilliant, quarrelsome parrot, the spider with the yellow back and the wild monkeys.

It is there that the tired, sinister killer of oxen and horses returns with regular steps along the old, dead, mossy barked tree trunks.  He goes rubbing and humping his muscular loins; and from his gaping muzzle heavy with thirst a short harsh breath with a sudden shock disturbs the great lizards warm from noons fires whose flight sparkles through the tawny grass.
In a hollow of the dark wood concealed from the sun he sinks down, stretched out on a flat rock and with a broad stroke of his tongue he polishes his paw. He blinks his golden eyes dulled by sleep; and in the illusion of his passive strength, making his tail move and his sides quiver, he dreams that in the middle of the green plantation with one bound he is plunging his dripping claws into the flesh of frightened bellowing bulls.

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Little girl goes a 'milking

Little girl is backkkk!  She's such a cutie i've had her picking apples and now she's going in search of milk but don't think she's going to find any here.  Well, i'm a city girl so what do i know; maybe theres some nearby.

Time for little girl to get a name. How about Sara?

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Gloria in excelsis

This is the image i started with. Its a picture from an old National Geographic that i altered years ago by spraying with Orange Glo (or some cleaner like that) I learned the technique in a workshop by Claudine Helmuth. Both sides of every page should be sprayed.  Spay outside then leave it out there for 20 mins. or so as it's smelly stuff.  The pages are then peeled apart to reveal the cool effects.  Leave outside to finish drying. The fake orange smell lasts a long time and i think it's wise to leave out until the smell is completely gone; i mean weeks and maybe even a couple months to be safe. If anyone tries this technique for best results use the older NG's as they're made of a different paper than the newer ones.  Also, pages with a lot of pink in them turn out best, imho.

I really like this technique, however i don't like what i did with Photo shopping it much.

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Believe, laugh, discover, thoughtful, special, dream, love, fun,

did i forget anything?
Well ok then, 4 pieces of the same thing today plus the original cuz its cool to see how different they can turn out with PS Elements. Those gradient maps are just way too much fun.
this is the original. Sorry they're such big honkers. I'm using the smallest setting in my program but they still turn up so big. When i resize again i only lose a kb or two. Does anybody know?