Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Geo # 4



The Blog Fodder said...

You make these on photoshop? Wow. Wish I could get lessons.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Blog Fodder!

The before pic that looks like it was made on a paper towel was actually done on canvas paper with a Sharpie, just doodling really.

The after pic was inverted in photoshop and then a gold pattern applied with the paint bucket.

Have you got a PS program? Mine is PS Elements and i guess the easiest one to learn with...i've been playing with it for almost a year now. Theres tons of tutorials online free if you're able to learn from such (i don't, much)

I lot of people like PSE for their digital photo editing, resizing, changing the bckgrd, even removing blemishes or black spots if they appear where they don't belong. I don't generally do any of those things. I just play art.