Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Reve du Jaguar

This is the 71st piece of art i've put in my art gallery and hallelujah, one that i really like. This is presently my top dog, numero uno top favourite. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The title comes from a verse in an english translated book of french verse. It means the jaguar's dream.

Some of the subject matter in this book is kind of rough. Sometimes i find something interesting.  Do you know what jaguars dream about?
This is a little bit of this jaguars dream:

Beneath the black mahogany trees the flowering creepers hang in the heavy, motionless air which is filled with flies; and, twining downwards among the tree stumps, they cradle the brilliant, quarrelsome parrot, the spider with the yellow back and the wild monkeys.

It is there that the tired, sinister killer of oxen and horses returns with regular steps along the old, dead, mossy barked tree trunks.  He goes rubbing and humping his muscular loins; and from his gaping muzzle heavy with thirst a short harsh breath with a sudden shock disturbs the great lizards warm from noons fires whose flight sparkles through the tawny grass.
In a hollow of the dark wood concealed from the sun he sinks down, stretched out on a flat rock and with a broad stroke of his tongue he polishes his paw. He blinks his golden eyes dulled by sleep; and in the illusion of his passive strength, making his tail move and his sides quiver, he dreams that in the middle of the green plantation with one bound he is plunging his dripping claws into the flesh of frightened bellowing bulls.

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