Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chalk tree


Inspire Others said...

Hi Lorraina,
Nice2CU again by my spot. Sorry it took me a while to answer your post, I have been sick but now I'm doing well, back to work!!! Thanks for your complements on my digital artworks. To answer your question; I pick an image that inspires me, then the title and to finish, what message I want to deliver to the viewer. I not a pro using PS and other editing programs, I'm still learning and experimenting since I'm formally a Mixed Media/Collage/Scannography artist but I love to play with images w/out getting messy! jajaja. Hope you join the Digital Art network Digital Whisper at www.digitalwhisper.ning.com
Your work is unique and I'm sure everyone will love it as much as I do. Stay well my friend

Lorraina said...

Thanks MoMeMa. I'd look for you on Polyvore but something is wrong in my account there. I don't get the page with the tools anymore and theres no one there to ask for help. When i made the 3 pieces there was no crop tool or scissors etc, just the bare minimum. Don't know if Digital whisper is a part of Polyvore but need to get this straightened out first. I think i'm by-passing the first page or something. Your art is amazing, and i hope i can catch up soon.