Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lorrainas art gallery is one year old!

According to Blogger i've made 374 posts in the past year and it dosn't say how many pieces of art but i'm thinking more than double that as i often upload 2-5 pieces per day.

Looking back over the year i expressed my angst with Photoshop Elements much more than i do now so guess i learned enough to get by and still be intrigued with it. I do enjoy the creating still.

However, still far from really knowing and understanding this program. In the past months i've simply done the same effects that i know over and over with different results of course simply because it's worked on different images or pieces of my original acrylic paintings. Occasionally i add a new brush set to my collection but you might notice the same colours and effects like poster edging, cutout, plasticized etc. being used over and over in a given period of time. Themes are often explored and who knows what might capture my interest next.

Overall i think i've improved a little and definitely did learn some little tricks that i didn't know a year ago. I love creating abstract art and hope  one of my pieces will evoke an emotional response in you sometime either by the colours i use or the composition or that you like what i created for any other reason. So, it's onward with more of the same.

This piece is called Filigree. There's the original acrylic painting, a black and white version and a darker version.
Thanks for the visit!

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