Thursday, October 7, 2010

#3 Messing with the masters Psyche

The art piece i began with is John Waterhouse's Psyche - opening the door into cupid's garden which turned out to be more like opening Pandora's box.

I made a scene with 2 ladies (the same lady reversed) each wearing a different coloured dress, and butterfly wings, fancied up their hairstyles, added gold studded and chain jewellery and the leaning Tower of Pisa and filled in the bottom with snow geese which i  eventually realized was a mistake because the geese covered all the people who were around the base of the tower and the effect of all the little people with the giant ladies trying to fix the Tower was lost, then i messed up again by trying out several different gradient colours just when my furkid Pavel walked across my keyboard and somehow deleted the original coloured version....sigh.....
Here's the remaining version in purple neon....not nearly as nice as the multi coloured one.
 Then i switched a few elements around because i had this woman handy because i had used her hair in the other pieces so i made a couple of gradient versions and called it a done deal.

Little did i know when i said that -  it wasn't a done deal yet! I saved these pieces in "my pictures" as usual but when i x'ed out of Photoshop and returned there i found 60 copies of each one!  Don't know what that's all about unless Pavel did this too. I discovered if i tried to delete one - ALL of them would be deleted as well and they don't go to the recycling bin where i could retrieve them either - they just vanish. What the this Fri the 13th or something? 
Needless to say i am done with this Psyche woman. 

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