Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mona with stars


Susan said...

Hi Lorraina,

I LOVE the song Daniel by the way. I wonder if you've been by my blog and had a look at my latest collage piece - I've used some bits and pieces from the amazing box of goodies that you sent to me. Thanks again so much !

I love your scannerology piece and Heidi takes a shortcut is amazing. Do you know the magazine Cloth, Paper, scissors - they have reader challenges each month I think you should consider entering some of them and or submit your work (look under galleries - share your art). I can tell that you love a challenge.
you can subscribe digitally

lots of love, Susan, Missy D & les Chats

Lorraina said...

Thanks Susan. I do love the green Hope collage you created.
Yes, i've had Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset et al since their first issues but no longer make much physical art so don't buy them anymore although i do spend a few hours enjoying them at Chapters nowadays lol!

Challenges and submissions; been there did that for many years, even rented a box and got a Pace pass to make it easier and drove down once a week to send and receive art, supplies and things.
No energy anymore and can't handle the stress of deadlines so art is just a fun photoshop pastime for me now.