Friday, September 17, 2010

Arrange - scannerology

I happened into an artists blog a while back and was intrigued with her idea of simply laying out images and junque on the scanner bed and having it turn out to be really beautiful art collages.

For some reason i left the site without bookmarking it and don't remember anything about the name. Spent hours trying to retrace my steps and at google using the word scannerology and there were some links but not to this same site.

So, trying to get the hang of it; this is my second and possibly last one because it took too many tries to get things straight and even then i wasn't really totally happy with it. I could have glued it together upright and scanned it alot faster. 

It's tricky planning a piece working upside down and with images on the bottom that will be in the front being covered with other images in the background and you can't see what you're doing (and can't remember what colour or what image was where )

Oh well thats the way things go sometimes. But i do wish i could find that blog again so i could ask questions and maybe get a better clue into how to exactly to do it.   It was fun and it's a whole 'nuther new artform that i might pursue again.

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