Friday, August 13, 2010

First there was just Maude, the musical mannequin

She was a nice mannequin except she was bald.....
Then there was hairy Maude.                                  
Well, Maude is still a nice mannequin but now she has hair; lots of hair, thick black hair. 

A wig?

No.  Its just a hair brush. Who woulda thunk there'd even be hair brushes available!

OK i went overboard but sometimes you have to or else have thin balding hair....

i think i got a hair brush set that dosn't really cut it, the pieces don't join up very well or if at all; theres only 2 and they turned out to be stupid all around. 
I had to put her up side down and sideways few times to give her this gorgeous mane.

Ok now i'm done with using hair brushes, whats next?

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