Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Russia 4 four

When i created this piece it felt like it needed a different treatment to finish it off.
I hit the plastic wrap button in Photoshop and immediately thought of Elena and her words
"on the day of the disaster many people gathered on the roof tops to see the staggering beauty of the shiny pink cloud over the atomic power plant"

Sadly those people had only hours to live after looking at that cloud.

Elena is the daughter of a physicist who worked at the power plant. The young Russian girl rides her motorcycle into Chernobyl, the city where the explosion happened in 1986.
She takes pictures and tells what she sees there.

Chernobyl is the most toxic place on earth and the radiation from the explosion will remain for 48,000 years.
The story and pictures are terrible and i don't think my art looks like it was the place i got my inspiration from.  Theres no intentional shiny pink cloud in my art but the plastic wrap finish reminded me of how earth is quickly being covered with plastic.

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