Monday, July 5, 2010

Gloria in excelsis

This is the image i started with. Its a picture from an old National Geographic that i altered years ago by spraying with Orange Glo (or some cleaner like that) I learned the technique in a workshop by Claudine Helmuth. Both sides of every page should be sprayed.  Spay outside then leave it out there for 20 mins. or so as it's smelly stuff.  The pages are then peeled apart to reveal the cool effects.  Leave outside to finish drying. The fake orange smell lasts a long time and i think it's wise to leave out until the smell is completely gone; i mean weeks and maybe even a couple months to be safe. If anyone tries this technique for best results use the older NG's as they're made of a different paper than the newer ones.  Also, pages with a lot of pink in them turn out best, imho.

I really like this technique, however i don't like what i did with Photo shopping it much.

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