Saturday, June 19, 2010

Abraham 1835

Heres another effort i'm not fond of at all but another one that got away on me and i  saved but  only because it took me soooo long to make such a mess. I overworked it too much then, suddenly sick of it,  it was either delete or save. So i chose save.

Sometimes overworking a PhotoShop piece produces wonderous results and its like a strange phenonema happens when i click on a spot to add something or maybe click on it once too often and the whole thing sort of lights up.  Its like a jolt of lightening and suddenly theres outlining and shadows and shapes and colours all over the place that i didn't intend. And i gasp at the beauty of what i made!

Or like in a couple places in this piece a square will sort of blast out and grow a ragged edge and usually i quite like it when that happens.

But not so much this time.

I don't know any PS artists to discuss this with and i sometimes wonder if  i'm doing really wrong and i'm going to break it or make my 'puter crash or something. Its like a feeling of playing way too rough and/or playing too long on a piece until it gets so saturated with colour that it can't or it won't take any more. But if you keep messing around with it the piece might turn into a masterpiece, all by itself!

Maybe i should have taken a class. But then again maybe i'm the only one who ever "pounds the hell outta it" like i do and nobody else does this strange method of harsh arting or even wants to.  Its not mentioned in the books i have so i have to assume its probably wrong to do this. Or if not wrong not a popular thing to do.

In hands on art i was the pastel queen but now with PS i've turned into a raving colour nut.  Look ma, Red!  Black!  Yellow!

But not gonna stop now cuz usually it turns out good and a few times its turned out what i consider to be excellent.
Just not this time.............

ps. Happy birthday Bob!

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