Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lost, strayed or stolen

The birds got her seeds again!  Most gardeners learn to allow a certain percentage for the birds and they'll pay back by eating all the bad bugs, well some of the good ones too but then thats nature. I like to create art that tells a story.

Can't really say i'm exactly zipping along with PS (time restraints) but maybe i'm feeling a little improvement.
Enough to decide almost for sure not to take either of the online classes. I'm afraid they may be a little too structured for me now that i've already got my feet wet.

So, i bought a book; i think this is the one i should have bought to begin with; it's Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Classroom In A Book and it has a CD-ROM which i havent had time to even open yet. The other ones i bought have some really cool stuff in 'em but way too advanced for a beginner.

So, in creating this piece i still had the same problems especially in resizing the individual components.  I will learn that one day all of a sudden.

I guess i need to edit more as well because this is sort of busy. After i saved it realised i forgot to add the musical notes, now that really would have been too busy.....well, maybe just a tiny little band of musical notes going across.......

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