Monday, May 10, 2010

Four easy pieces

I was thrilled when i found this pic of the gears; for some reason i loved it so much.  i've saved it for awhile but never had any ideas of what to do with it. 
Today i pulled it out and tried to get creative.....unfortunately my creative gene had flown and i just sorta spaced out and stared and drifted away listening to my awesome new playlist.
Finally tried another background with it and that helped but then it needed something more and i was stuck once again.
Tried a few images with it but nothing really great developed. Doncha just hate it when that happens?

But then wham bam all of a sudden a light bulb moment when i clued into 2 Photoshop tricks unexpectedly; duplicate image......sheesh, here i've been erasing them individually! And then within seconds i found out why the keyboard comands are so handy to learn (well, one comand at a time) even though its only apparent in the one piece i've added tonight (two fishes)

I've never been one to read instructions and easily get it. I just do things on my own in my own way and learn the harder way.  Now i feel like superwoman!

So, all my digital art for the next little while might have twins or triplets or heaven forbid octuplets!

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